Summer Information Technology Instructor

Genesys Works Chicago

Job Title: Summer Information Technology Instructor

Organization: Genesys Works Chicago


Job Description

As one of our summer Information Technology Instructors, you will be responsible for jump-starting the professional careers of high school seniors who work at our over 40 corporate partners. You will become the mentor they will never forget.

During the summer, Information Technology Instructors teach 2 groups of young professionals consisting of about 25-30 students the foundations of information technology using the CISCO IT Essentials curriculum. Being a successful professional involves more than technical skills alone. Our trainers teach students how to actually enter and succeed in the corporate environment by covering subjects such as customer service, effective communication skills, presentations, reliability, corporate culture, etc. We encourage “real-world training” so that when students finish the Genesys Works training program, they are truly prepared for the next step in life. Bring your previous professional experience to our students and make a difference in their lives, forever.

Key Responsibilities

• Teaching CISCO IT Essentials curriculum to students during an eight-week summer training program
• Providing feedback to students on their progression through our summer training program
• Attending weekly team meetings with Genesys Works staff

Location: Chicago

Job Type: Full Time, Temporary

We seek candidates who believe deeply in our organization’s mission, who thrive in an entrepreneurial and dynamic environment, and who demonstrate a record of achievement in previous activities. Qualified candidates will possess:

Instructional Abilities
• Certified to teach CISCO IT Essentials
• Experience teaching Information Technology to large groups
• Advanced MS Office experience
• Ability to teach professional skills such as presentations, effective communications, reliability, dependability, corporate guidelines and policies

Additional Experience
• Experience working in corporate environments
• Driven by strong ethics and a determination to make a positive impact on young lives
• Ability to function in a fast paced environment
• Excellent communication skills (verbal, written and presentation)
• Four-year college degree preferred
• Experience working or volunteering with youth programs

Education Requirement: Bachelors, High School

How to Apply
To complete the application and to upload your resume and cover letter in pdf format, please visit:

Additional information on Genesys Works and its programming can be found on our web site

Last Day to Apply: 05/05/2017

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