Open Board Positions, 2017-2019

 Applications for the 2017-2019 Board term are now closed!

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General Requirements of Board Service

  • Serve a two-year term (Sept. 2017 – Sept. 2019)
  • Attend monthly board meetings and annual retreat
  • Attend and staff one program per quarter, in addition to special events like Holiday Social and Celebration
  • Work independently and collaboratively outside of scheduled meetings to complete tasks related to personal goals or the agreed-upon goals of the organization:
    • Respond to colleagues in a timely manner (by email, phone, Slack)
    • Inform co-chairs or other colleagues on the board if you are unable to attend an event or meeting or if you will be late
  • Complete other duties as assigned as set forth by the organization’s strategic plan and other workplans
  • Spend the appropriate time needed per week to fulfill YNPN Chicago-related responsibilities
  • Actively recruit new board and committee members during the recruiting process and throughout the year
  • Adhere to a board culture that respects individuals and a diversity of perspectives
  • Participate in additional YNPN Chicago events (programs, networking) and YNPN National events (Program XChanges, National Conference) as often as possible
  • Individuals elected to the board are also expected to contribute financially in the form of one-time annual dues of $75


Listed below are the available positions for the 2017-2019 Board class.


Finance Co-Chairs (1 position available)

This two-person team oversees all finance and accounting functions over the organization. A small non-profit organization, YNPN Chicago has an annual budget of roughly $25,000. To ensure our financial sustainability and compliance with relevant accounting principles, Co-Chairs:

  • Perform all bookkeeping activities and maintain records of YNPN Chicago’s financial transactions using QuickBooks Online
  • Prepare financial reports quarterly for Executive Board meetings and for funders as needed
  • Prepare annual tax and governmental filings (AG 990-IL, IRS 990-N, 1099’s)
  • Liaise with the Development Chair to ensure contributions are properly recognized
  • Provide financial oversight by setting an annual budget, monitoring bank accounts and collaborating with the Executive Board to achieve financial goals
  • Educate Executive Board members about the financial concepts and YNPN Chicago’s financial position, so as to inform Chair budget development and organizational decision-making
  • Support other chairs as needed, including assisting in professional development events
  • Work with programming to develop and facilitate a finance program for members
  • Maintain finance calendar of all necessary duties throughout the year
  • Be able to apply and understand Generally Accepted Accounting Principles


Leadership Institute Chair (1 position available)

The Leadership Institute Chair leads the planning and execution of YNPN Chicago’s 10-month leadership development program, which runs from January through December. This Chair:

  • Manages the application and selection processes by updating the application forms and selection criteria, communicating with all applicants pre- and post- selection process, and overseeing the selection committee (comprised of other YNPN Chicago Board Members)
  • Recruits mentors; helps acclimate mentors to the Leadership Institute and their role as a mentor through email communication, conference calls, and in-person meetings
  • Serves as point of contact for facilitators, mentees, mentors, speakers and community partners
  • Leads the setup process for sessions, which are held monthly on a weekday morning. Setting up includes finalizing session curriculum with facilitators, coordinating with speakers, gathering relevant materials (readings, supplies for activities, etc.), and delivering breakfast
  • Collects and evaluates post-session surveys monthly
  • Co-facilitates sessions as needed
  • Liaises with the Development Chair and Executive Co-Chairs to help build financial sustainability for future years
  • Works with Communications Chairs to develop outreach plan for application process, as well as throughout duration of the Institute


Membership Co-Chairs (2 positions available)

Membership Co-Chairs will coordinate YNPN Chicago’s efforts to recruit and retain members, provide technical support on member issues, and oversee member benefits. While this is a two-person team, each chair will focus on a different aspect of YNPN Chicago’s membership program. These are new roles on the YNPN Chicago Executive Board and duties may change as the organization’s priorities evolve. These essential roles provide an exciting opportunity to develop a framework for the future of YNPN Chicago’s membership model.

Membership Outreach Chair

This individual will focus on member recruitment and engagement. Outreach Chair will:

  • Lead YNPN Chicago’s outreach efforts by exposing new individuals, organizations and underrepresented groups to YNPN Chicago’s mission and programs
  • Regularly engage and communicate with members and non-members at events and online
  • Conduct follow up with event attendees after programs
  • Oversee all member/customer service efforts, including but not limited to: welcome emails, complaints, reminder emails, thank you notes and acknowledgments
  • Regularly attend programs and events

Membership Operations Chair

This individual will focus on internal and technical membership projects. Operations Chair will:

  • Help members set up, access, and update their online accounts
  • Provide membership data reports, as needed, to internal and external parties
  • Collaborate with Finance and Development to reconcile accounts
  • Manage and maintain all member records within database
    • Pool data from database and other sources to track member engagement
    • Collaborate with Communications to update Mailing List
  • Oversee member renewal process
    • Communicate membership status to members
    • Ensure fulfillment of all transactions
  • Manage and update membership components of website

Joint Responsibilities

  • Develop recruitment, retention and renewal strategy based on organizational goals
    • Plan and develop marketing collateral (digital and print)
    • Onboard 100 members by December 2018
  • Collecting and reporting on member feedback via program surveys and annual Membership Survey
  • Manage member benefits in the form of discounts and promotions
  • Oversee delivery of member-only events, value-add experiences, and member on-boarding, in conjunction with organizational event calendar
  • Collaborate with other board function areas as needed to execute all projects, primarily Communications and Programming

Ideal Candidates

  • Previous experience in member recruitment and retention
  • Ability to engage and build relationships with diverse audiences
  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills, including in-person, email and phone
  • Experience in database management. NationBuilder experience highly desired


Programming Co-Chairs (1 position available)

Programming Chairs work as a four-person team to direct all aspects of the planning and execution of YNPN Chicago programs and events (including professional development and social opportunities), in accordance with strategies developed by the Executive Board.

As part of planning events, Chairs:

  • Regularly attend and staff events, which typically occur on weekday evenings
  • Help young nonprofits professionals develop skills, learn about relevant issues, and build their networks through programs
  • Produce 1 social/networking event and 1 professional development opportunity per month as a team (e.g. Coffee with Nine Strangers, Happy Hours, workshops, panels, and more)
  • Participate in internal and external communication, which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Identify, recruit, and coordinate event speakers
    • Identify and coordinate with venue contacts across the city
    • Collaborating with other Programming Chairs
    • Attending a monthly programming meeting
    • Responding to email inquiries within 48 hours
    • Reporting to the full Board
    • Communicating with Membership Co-Chairs to ensure consistent and relevant programmatic offerings for members

An ideal candidate:

  • Is experienced in event planning
  • Is comfortable with public speaking
  • Has experience negotiating with speakers and venues (e.g. managing honorariums, securing donated coffee or snacks and event space)
  • Is able to identify key subject matter experts in the community
  • Is able to manage multiple event timelines
  • Has excellent interpersonal skills, including in person, email, and phone