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Job Title: Director of Communications

Organization: OneGoal


Job Description

About OneGoal

In 1970, 6% of students from low-income communities completed college. Today, that number is a mere 9%. Anchored in this belief, we have one goal: college graduation. Period. At OneGoal, we believe we must move the needle on this most critical challenge facing our nation especially given it is solvable. We believe all students have what it takes to earn a college degree, and should have a real opportunity to fulfill their potential. Our Director of Communications will join a national movement changing the trajectory for our country’s most underserved youth during a unique window in time:

By 2017, OneGoal will serve more than 9,300 students (“OneGoal Fellows”) in 180 schools in six states across our country. OneGoal’s teacher-led, in-school, three-year college access and success model is reversing the odds. While nationwide, only 9% of kids in low-income communities graduate from college, 82% of OneGoal Fellows enroll in college and 78% are persisting or have graduated from college. Since 2013, OneGoal has grown in staff size by an average of 50% and with over 100 staff members, is embarking on “Phase III” of our growth stage, anticipating additional growth to new regions.

The Person

You believe – and your work has demonstrated your belief – that all students can earn a college degree and the life that comes with it. As the Director of Communications, your mission is threefold: increase awareness and the sense of urgency to close the college degree divide, build OneGoal’s reputation as a leader in the college access and success movement, and elevate the voices and stories of the OneGoal community.

You will do this by:

Building and executing a national communications and public relations strategy that results in consistent, positive press coverage and positions OneGoal as a leader in the college access and success movement, supports our strategic goals, and amplifies the voices of OneGoal Fellows (students), Program Directors (teachers) and others in our community.

Training and supporting regions to craft their regional narratives and public relations strategy to support their strategic goals in alignment with our org-wide plan.

Collaborating with marketing + communications and external affairs professionals within our organization and in the broader sector on communications strategies to raise awareness of the college degree divide and the challenges our students face, and to invest audiences in our mission.

Though the Director of Communications is likely to see him/herself/themselves in the following examples, these are not requirements. These examples are designed to help you determine if this opportunity aligns with your own passion and purpose.

You are an strategist and an executor.

You are a strategic visionary. You are driven by a bold vision of how to rally media and external audiences around the urgency of our mission and OneGoal’s unique position to solve the problem within our lifetime. You can quickly and effectively build momentum around that vision across diverse internal and external constituencies. You can also break down a complex vision into clear, tangible, and measurable milestones to achieve ambitious goals.

You are a builder. You understand the local and national media landscape and interest, easily conduct internal and external situation analysis, and hone in on high impact opportunities to help create a vision and roadmap that others can easily follow. You build systems and project plans that provide clarity, empower individual contributors and guide your work with people across different teams so that complex, long-term projects can move forward.

You juggle many priorities without dropping any. Things don’t fall through the cracks. You have strong organizational skills that enable you to stay on track on diverse long-term projects and to pivot to identify and pursue high impact opportunities. In fact, part of your planning is to look for these unforeseen opportunities and respond to time-sensitive challenges.

You have a remarkable ability to compel and inspire. This ability is rooted in your beliefs.

You are an equity-oriented leader. You believe those who are most proximate to the challenge we aim to address are best equipped to generate solutions and you demonstrate this by always seeking to amplify the voices of Fellows, Program Directors, and our education partners. You recognize that there is not one single narrative or experience, but that every person has their unique valuable perspective. You will seek to elevate their stories and dismantle stereotypes often perpetuated by the media.

You are a storyteller and an excellent communicator. When you talk, people listen and want to hear more. This is largely because your deep belief in the solvability of the degree divide and potential of all students is evident in your communication. You believe in stories and statistics and can weave them together powerfully to invest audiences in our mission. You can turn complex and nuanced information into exciting news, and you’re equally comfortable writing op-eds, speaking with reporters on the phone, or pitching an idea via email.

As a networker extraordinaire, you’re always in the know and build authentic, meaningful relationships. Your twitter feed is as essential to you as your morning coffee. It’s filled with tweets from a mix of broad and niche media outlets, education reporters, politicians, leaders in education, and other influencers. Networking online or in person is just a natural state of being for you. You get excited about meeting journalists, learning their interests, finding common ground, and making connections. You love meeting up for lunch, mixers and industry events so you can engage in meaty conversations with other education enthusiasts and news makers. You get results: national and regional in-depth media coverage from media such as NPR, the Houston Chronicle, CBS News, and Education Week.

You are an exceptional coach and collaborator

You empower others. You take the time to understand context, and tailor your approach to specific circumstances, learning styles, and strengths. You hold yourself and others to high expectations, establish trust with others and provide honest and direct feedback to encourage learning, growth,and success. You’re equally comfortable training and supporting seasoned professionals, busy teachers or nervous students to hone their message and individual stories in order to communicate effectively with the press.

You understand the power of team. You value the perspectives and contributions of others and look for synergies that enable you to extend OneGoal’s message. You seek feedback and input, but also know when to make decisions on your own. You identify areas where you can provide value and proactively offer your support.

You are a negotiator. You understand that when you collaborate internally and externally, every person has their specific goals that may or may not align with yours. You are able to influence peers to focus on shared goals, invest them in new goals that benefit them, and recognize when to let others lead.

Location: Flexible

Job Type: Full Time

Bachelor’s Degree (Required)
At least five years experience working in public relations, focused on media relations, preferably in education or other mission-driven organizations (Required)
Experience working with PR agencies and supporting regional teams (Preferred)

Education Requirement: Bachelors

How to Apply
Apply online:

Last Day to Apply: 11/11/2017

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