Chief Dream Director, Chicago


Job Title: Chief Dream Director, Chicago

Organization: The Future Project


Job Description

The Future Project is looking for a Chief Dream Director – a seasoned visionary, leader, coach, and  advocate – to lead our growing team of Dream Directors in Chicago.   

The Future Project is building a movement to transform schools across the country into places that unlock the passion and purpose of everyone inside them.  For the past five years, we have accomplished this by inventing a new role in the American high school: the Dream Director.  Dream Directors are coaches, social entrepreneurs, and organizers who work to inspire passion in every young person within the school, specifically by coaching students to launch transformative Future Projects that incite culture change and positive student achievement.   Over five years, The Future Project has become one of the fastest growing organizations within the American education sector, raising over $10m in capital and reaching over 30,000 young people across eleven American cities.   For the past five years we have accomplished this with more than 30,000 people in high schools through transformative coaches called Dream Directors, full-time TFP employees who are embedded in and dedicated to creating places of possibility within each of our 37 schools throughout America. And, according to an independently conducted Gallup poll, we’re in the top 2% of companies for people who believe in a company’s mission, and managers who care about and develop their people.   So, if you’re looking for work that matters, an inspired team, growth opportunities, flexible hours, an urgency of purpose, and competitive non-profit compensation (with full benefits), consider joining us.

A Chief’s essential functions are to:
-Train, equip, coach, develop and manage each Dream Director—personally and professionally, and with the support of the National team—to be highly effective in generating our desired outcomes with the young people we serve in our schools; and, do so through thoughtful cross-departmental collaboration to ensure alignment with organizational goals, research and development, and program and product updates.
-Coach Dream Directors to fully realize their own potential, and the potential of others, including students, faculty, school leadership, and other actors that might influence the students we serve. Support and facilitate the participation of Dream Directors in the continuous innovation process, including product pilots, and learning engagement with our learning and innovation team.
-Lead and manage key yearly cadence activities that align with driving student outcomes such as launch and landing sequences, retreats, observations, National Learning Days, city-wide events, and performance evaluation and management.
-Provide support, guidance and management of how best to leverage volunteers, part-time contractors or employees, and community partners to best serve our students and create greater impact.
-Ensure the effective administration and operation of our program in each region, city, and school, including MOU agreements, enforcement of HR policies, student releases, research data agreements and collection, expense reporting, student intern programs, budget, project management, and the capture of intellectual capital in TFP systems.
-Provide the conditions and leadership to foster a sense and experience of Future Project community in each city/region, so that every person feels meaningfully connected to our work on the ground, to each other, and to the organization as a whole.

Interested?  Apply online at

Location: Chicago

Job Type: Full Time

-At least 5 years of team leadership
-Familiarity with Chicago Public Schools and other education sector partners in Chicagoland
-Demonstrated ability to raise local funding and engage local funding partners
-Highly collaborative, dynamic, flexible, and visionary

Education Requirement: Bachelors

How to Apply
Apply online before August 25, here.

Last Day to Apply: 08/25/2017

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